Spanning the generations between the young and the old

A GenSpan Story

Two pairs of hands are working together. One pair looks rather fragile, a little wrinkled, but so elegant. These hands work slowly, but deliberately. The other pair of hands is smooth and tender. The hands of a child, they work quickly, but not too gracefully. Nearby, little hands are writing out math problems, while a big hand gives a supportive pat on the back. Together, these hands are planting
seeds of care, inspiration, knowledge, and love.
These hands belong to seniors and children who are participating in the GenSpan Foundation programs.

Have you ever felt the difference in the mental process of young and old people? It is a normal situation which is called a generation gap. Basically, people of different generations grew up in different environments that is why they all have separate understanding of the same things. Especially, parents who always did their writing assignments by themselves think that writing services are illegal or unethical. Children position is quite opposite - such companies help them to have more abilities for those things students really care for. Both of the generations have a right to think so. On GenSpan Foundation you will find various cases with detailed explanations.


Moreover, we propose various interactions for the young and old generation. One of them is to start and promote courses on the platform for launching online education. This case is good for both sides in order to show how different their points of view are and how they can complement each other. The main goal is to show the uniqueness of each participant, but make him or her understand that any other opinions can be useful and see the situation from diverse perspectives. This case can bring harmony in two generations, so that is what GenSpan Foundation stands for.

Who We Are

"Bringing different generations together in work, play and lifelong learning" - that's the GenSpan vision. People in every country are beginning to realize how critical it is for different generations to be together in an intentional way. Sharing, playing and learning between generations provides rich and meaningful experiences for all, be they young, old, or in between. A child's energy and curiosity can stimulate an older person, adding to their experience and understanding of younger generations. In turn, the experience and patience of a wise elder can temper and direct that young energy into productive channels.

As the world becomes an increasingly complex and confusing place in which to live, connections with people of different generations can help provide perspective and stability. GenSpan recognizes that the talents, strengths, and values of a multicultural, multigenerational community can provide unlimited resources to collaborate on programs which will create a society that develops relationships based on the interdependence of generations.

What We Do

As a non-profit, community-based organization that creates and supports intergenerational programs, GenSpan provides a variety of opportunities to develop relationships uniting generations in work, play and lifelong learning. Through our APPLE (Adults Providing Positive Learning Experiences) Program, we place adult volunteer mentors in elementary classrooms and Head Start programs throughout the Santa Maria Valley, Lompoc and San Luis Obispo County. With Story Catchers, a special extension of the APPLE Program, we give children the opportunity to actively learn about the lives of other generations. These programs enrich and improve the quality of the lives of all community members by providing opportunities for all ages to participate in activities that promote lifelong learning and social enrichment.

We invite you to learn more about GenSpan and hope that you will join us as we work together sharing talents and perspectives to make a stronger community.

We are making a difference one child at a time.